2016 - 2017 Season

By Ray Cooney

Never has this master of farce been frenetically funnier! Henry A. Perkins, a mild mannered CPA, accidentally picks up the wrong briefcase on his way home for his birthday dinner; one full of money! Henry assumes it’s illicit cash and decides to keep it and skip town with his wife. But, standing between Henry and Jean’s shot at a new life in Barcelona, are their well-meaning friends, Vic and Betty, a police officer with lots of questions and a serious case of mistaken identity. Soon the house is full, resulting in a frantic game of cat and mouse, hilarious innuendo, and cruelly funny turns of fate. The battle to hold on to the money is on!

October 19 - 23, 2016


By Kristen Da Silva

Helping his father save their struggling small-town funeral home has put a serious damper on Harry Gibson’s dating life. Hopeful he’ll find love, he turns to an online Russian bride service, and meets Katya, a beautiful young woman with dreams of coming to Canada. When Katya arrives, along with her acerbic older sister Eva, the Gibson household is thrown into a tailspin. Now Harry needs to convince his traditional father that he’s doing the right thing, convince himself that he’s ready for marriage…oh, and somehow break it to his new bride that their marital home will be shared with the dearly departed. A touching comedy about family, love and making all kinds of relationships work…even the unexpected kind.

November 9 - 13, 2016

by Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn

After thirteen years of marriage, Annablle and Jeff have found, “We’re just not that into us.” A real life love story - zany, hectic and uproariously funny! Whether you have been married forever, thinking about marriage, or still looking for the "perfect" relationship, you will laugh at the hilarious, romantic rollercoaster ride towards Happily Ever After, which proves there is hope & happiness for even the most incompatible of lovers, husbands & wives. Annabelle and Jeff’s unforgiveably raw and entertaining story is sure to strike both laughter and terror in the hearts of all couples.

January 11 - 15, 2017

By Willy Russell

The provocative and heartbreaking multi-award winning musical by Willy Russell. Blood Brothers tells the unforgettable story of the Johnstone twins. Separated at birth when their mother could not afford to raise them both, Mickey and Edward grew up streets apart, becoming best friends but never knowing the truth. After childhood, divergent paths lead one brother to riches and the other to rags with lives that intersect over the love of the same woman. Hanging over this stunning musical is the chilling prophecy that twins who are separated at birth will die on the day they discover the truth about who they are.

February 8 - 12, 2017

By Steve Martin

Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso walk into a bar…and the result is a charming comedy by celebrated writer and actor Steve Martin. At the Lapin Agile in Montmarte, Paris, 1904, Picasso and Einstein are on the verge of the accomplishments that shaped their fame. As their two great minds meet, they argue over the art of physics and the physics of art, all while attempting to impress a beautiful woman. Steve Martin plays fast and loose with fact as these two geniuses and the patrons with whom they share the bar muse on the century’s achievements and other fanciful topics with infectious dizziness. A whimsical and curious comedy unlike any other.

March 8 - 12, 2017